Why Online Casino VIP Programs are So Popular

More and more online casinos are starting to offer VIP loyalty packages as demand for them becomes stronger. These casino loyalty programs are growing quickly, to the extent that some consider them the future of online casino gambling. But why are they so popular? After all, online casinos did well before they started to offer loyalty programs. Perhaps the answer is in the proliferation of online casinos. There is now a huge amount of choice available in the world of online gambling. To combat this, and to encourage customers to stick with them, the casinos were forced to offer incentives and rewards for those customers who stuck with them. This article aims to explore exactly what VIP casino bonuses are, what they offer, and which to choose.

What is a VIP Program?

Simply put, a VIP program with an online casino is a way of demarcating the most loyal casino customers, and giving them a special status not available to other casino users. They also reward the real high rollers on the casino. People who have become VIP members are offered benefits to continue playing. The more they play, the greater the offers and benefits they receive. Think of it a little like frequent flier air miles. The further you go, the more you are offered – VIP loyalty programs reward you for sticking with the same online casino.

How do I Become a VIP?

Becoming a VIP member is usually achieved through one of two channels. Many of the newer online casinos will reward you with VIP membership simply for signing up. This means that you will automatically become a VIP member, with no requirements at all. However, this generally also means that the offers will not be as good. The other means of becoming a VIP member is to be offered membership. This is done by online casinos to those customers who have either been a member for a long time, or to those who frequently bet big.

Advancing to a Higher Level

Almost all online casinos offer differing levels of their loyalty program. It is usually possible to move to the next level of the casino loyalty program, in a number of ways. The most common is via a points based system. You are awarded points based on how much you wager – the more you bet, the more points you get. Once you have gained enough points, you move up a level. Alternatively, some casinos offer advancement based on how much money you have deposited in your account. The amount you have deposited during any one month determines your level for the next month.

Things to Look Out For

There are a number of things that make particular casino loyalty programs better than others. Looking out for particular offers and rewards can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your VIP membership. A VIP casino bonus scheme is one such offer – some casinos offer rewards such as cash back and free gifts to their VIP members. Others offer a personal account manager to VIP members. This account manager will answer any questions you have, as well as offer tailor made rewards and offers.

Things to Avoid

There are of course those loyalty schemes which do not live up to their customers expectations. Look out for online reviews of casino loyalty programs, and if certain themes recur, perhaps avoid their offers. Most common among these black marks are taking too long to respond to players requesting assistance; cash-outs taking too long, or not responding; keeping terms and conditions unclear; and using old or buggy software to run the games. Avoiding these known pitfalls will make your experience using the program easier and better, while keeping the fun going.

Making the Most of VIP Status

Now that many online casinos offer some kind of loyalty program, they are forced to compete with each other to offer the best service. Unless you are particularly attached to one particular site, choosing between the sites based on their offering is a great way to make the most out of your account. A good way to choose your site is to pick one that gives away more than just bonuses. Newer casinos are less likely to offer a genuine VIP service than long established ones – along with being less likely to offer the best loyalty program. Look out for casinos that offer an account manager, or real rewards such as cash back – choose these and you will be more likely to be satisfied for longer.