Tools and tips to get the most fun out of online casino slot games

Playing the latest range of colourful and creative slot games to try and get your hands on casino jackpots online can be dazzlingly fun. But before you jump in at the deep end with all your cash, you need to make sure you understand the ins and outs of slot games. Here we discuss how the games work, and give you some tips and tools to help you get the most out of your gaming experience.

Online Slots vs Real World Slots

First, it’s important to understand that slot games online don’t tend to work exactly the same way as slot machines in the real world. Real slot machines normally have three reels, and require you to have three of the same symbol lined up in the middle for the machine to pay out. Online slot games on the other hand normally have five reels, and the way that you win varies from one game to another, so you all need to check the rules before you start.

How Online Slot Machines Work

It’s important to clear up some misconceptions about online slot machines, and about betting in general. A lot of gamblers get caught up in this pervasive idea of “streaks”: winning streaks and losing streaks. This is because it’s normal for people to notice patterns and try to interpret them. But in a fair game on an online slot machine, such streaks are not possible.

That’s because online slot machines work by using a random number generator. As its name suggests, this piece of software is constantly working away, generating random numbers. Whichever number the RNG happens to spit out at the moment you spin the reels decides the result of the spin. The slot game doesn’t have a memory, so every spin is independent i.e. what you got last time doesn’t affect what you’ll get the next time.

Online Slot Machine Strategy

Before you start investing time in slot games, make sure you’re playing slots for the right reason. Playing slot games because you need money is not the right reason. Trying to earn some money to pay for a holiday or a new car is not going to pay off; it’s going to bankrupt you. You need to understand that slot games are very risky and should be played in moderation for purposes of fun only.

You also need to realise that there is no such thing as a good or bad slot machine player. Unlike games like poker or blackjack, slot games are a level playing field; you don’t need to be better than other people in order to succeed. There are no skills that you can pick up to make yourself more likely to win, because winning at slot games is 100% down to chance. So good slots strategy does not focus on the game itself, but on bigger concerns.

Make sure to always take advantage of bonuses. A lot of online casinos offer loyalty points to members who play slot games; you can then redeem these loyalty points for more credit. When online casinos hold tournaments or special promotions, it’s normally on the slot games. Keep checking websites to make sure you don’t miss promotions. Sign up to loyalty schemes and to newsletters if the sites have them.

Understand how payout works for each particular slot game. Each online game will have a different system for which symbols you need to line up in order to get a payout, and what the payout will be for different combinations. The rules of the game and how the symbols are arranged on the reels determines how risky this particular slot game is. You need to bear that in mind to make sure you’re not playing a game beyond (or below) your preferred level of risk.

If the slot machine offers a “Bet Max” button, use this button. The Bet Max button will open all paylines and make the maximum coin wager. This maximises the chance of you getting a payout because winning combinations only pay out if they are on activated paylines.

Play Well and Have Fun

Always remember that slot games should be played for fun, and not for any other reason. If it stops being fun, stop playing. Don’t waste money “chasing your losses”, as this is a surefire way to just make your losses bigger. Don’t keep playing because you feel like you “have to”; play because you want to. Play cautiously and have a good time.