Live dealer casinos and the revival of classic table games

They have revolutionized the casino gaming experience. The excitement, the thrill, the fascination brought right to the comfort of your home. Indeed it is quite the revolutionary concept that is highly unlikely going to lose its enticing appeal anytime soon. Live casinos bring the unparalleled thrill and excitement of playing casino table games onlineand classic casino games straight from the luxury of your home, with an extra touch of entertainment which makes it all more worthwhile. They indeed make the casino gaming experience more realistic than never before.

In a nutshell, live casino gaming combines the very real and traditional aspects of a real dealer, roulette wheels, dice and cards found in native or offline casino establishments with a real-time delivery mechanism interfaces serving the game straight to the comfort of players’ PCs and smartphone devices. All that one needs to play live casino games is to find live dealer casinos and select one of preferred choice, as each one of them has its advantages and offers, register a playing account, then the fun part; Let the Games Begin


The designs and outlook vary from one platform provider to another, as some live dealer casinos choose to add some boldness and branding tweaks for uniqueness, but one basic ground design applies among all live dealer casinos providers. We first have the webcast inset at the top and center, around it betting instructions and information, links to help and house rules, as well as a well laid out history of placed bets and their outcomes. Some providers offer more features, like the chat functionality; with which you can chat with other players and the dealer as well. We also have the option to enlarge (size up) video stream to full-screen view, while others support the very ability to see bets place by other players commonly observed in roulette online casino games. Other features include; the bet selector, the timer and the graphic table where the dealt cards a replicate.


In a broad design and understanding, live dealer casinos fall into one of these three types

• Vision stream from dealer studio

This forms the most common type of live dealer casinos available. Games here are streamed from a built dealer studio. The dealer environment i.e. the lighting, camera, zoom and orientation; we also have the streaming technology employed; and last but not least the interface functionality which enables dealer interaction, as well as view customization. All of which are optimized for online gaming.

• Vision Stream From Actual offline (terrestrial) Casinos

This explores on streams from real bricks and mortar casinos. One is able to watch players in the casino place bets, while at the same time you are placing the bets at the comfort of your smart devices, as well as playing games steered by casino hired croupier.

• Television broadcast casino games

There are some casinos which offer casting both on cable tv channels and over the internet. The games are aired by television studios and are more similar to shows with which one can participate from the comfort of your PCs and smart devices.

Now let’s have a look at some of the popular games available at live dealer casinos

Roulette Online

This is indeed by far the most popular game in live dealer casinos. Every moment of it magical, the wheel spinning, dead silence waiting and hoping, the kick in adrenaline, the cold sweat, hoping that the ball land on the lucky number you placed your bet on.

Blackjack Online

Blackjack is all about skill, from knowing the right time to hit, whether to stand or double, or when will the ace be dealt. Admittedly you luck also counts, but this is what creates that extraordinary blackjack experience, the wits and strength of the mind amid the battle field of experience.

Baccarat Online

It is also a casino card game, complicated yes, but very simple once you have understood the game rules. The game set between a player and a banker, the objective; to guess who will have cards closest to the value of nine between the two. A bet of a tie, as well as a win-win scenario is also allowed.

Let’s now have a look at the pros and Cons of live dealer casinos;

Pros (Advantages)

• Real time Gaming, as well live dealers

Forms the first and most obvious advantage that is evident. With live casinos one is able to see the dealer spinning the wheel in roulette online gaming, from the ball, to the cards all is seen.

• Live instant chats with dealers

One can chat to the dealers and the dealers will chat back to you live

• Play from anywhere (freedom of location/place)

Your choice, your freedom, whether from the comfort of your home in that sweet sofa, or from the luxury of your desk, or from simply watching TV in your comfy attire of choice, live dealer casinos have got you covered.

• No Kick outs

Isn’t that just awesome, you can get kicked out, simply because we are all online

Cons (Disadvantages)

• Live Casinos can tend to be slow at times

This is because some players may not be playing as first as per expectations, or are doing other activities at the same time. Although there is always a delay limit, it sucks when such moments occur.

• Live Dealer Capacity per Table

With the increasing popularity of live casino games, full houses are now a much common observation. One has to be patient for a while to get a seat at the table. Although it only applies to some card games, blackjack online and Roulette online can host an unlimited number of players.