Iconic Online Characters + UK Casinos = Emoji Planet Video Slot

NetEnt is the provider of premium gaming solutions to numerous online casinos. They have a platform that unleashes exciting online slot games for their players to ensure they keep them entertained and thrilled. With a passion for digital entertainment, they have all the answers to online gaming. They have provided players with many unique online slot games, one of them being the Emoji Planet video slot. It is a mobile-first game that was developed in collaboration with Global Merchandising Services Ltd. & emoji company GmbH., and the game was released around the same time the film about emojis got out.

Emojis have become the order of the day with thousands of them getting exchanged among people on a daily basis. Due to their popularity and appeal, this game has become well-liked. It is a 5-reel, 6-rows video slot game that utilises the Cluster Pays mechanics, making emojis to cascade down in an avalanche. There is some playful music that plays continuously to keep the player entertained throughout their play time. The goal is to collect emojis so that you can activate the game’s 5 thrilling Emoji features that include the bomb, the two hearts, the kiss mark, the pizza and the rocket features. There are other NetEnt online slots games, but this one is far too fun to play.

Emoji Planet Slot Features

Any of the 5 bar meters comes with a different feature that gets triggered whenever 12 spaces on the meter get filled. The features include:

  • Bomb feature- with this, any 8 random symbols gets destroyed and the player wins a cash prize of up to 100× the stake for each destroyed symbol.
  • Kiss Mark feature- here, 3 sticky wilds appear randomly on the reel set and get stuck in lace. Every single sticky wild has 3 lives and whenever one of them becomes part of a winning combo, it loses a life.
  • Pizza feature- this is where a 3×3 overlay of a random symbol display on the reels
  • Rocket feature- a stack that is made up of 10 wilds that drop vertically in one reel. Although the wilds don’t all drop at an instance, with every winning combo, more wilds keep on dropping.
  • Two-Hearts feature- this one only plays if there are no more winning combos or when no other emoji can activate. The player’s win purely depends on the number of times the meter fills up plus 1.

Playing the Game

Players can win cash prizes, 3 sticky wilds, 10 stacks of wilds or 3×3 overlay symbols. There are 8 varying emoji icons that can square off against one another, including hearts, bombs, slices of pizza, kiss mark, smiley faces, poo, aliens and rockets. The smiley face pays the top prize with the player winning 500× their stake if 30 of them appear at the top wager after one spin. The emoji planet video slot guarantees a return to player percentage (RTP), averaging 96.3%. You can actually have successful wins on your first attempt. It is possible to play the game on your computer, tablet or any other mobile device. Each time a winning combo appears, the winning symbols explode, leading to other new symbols falling in their place. This goes on until there are no more possible winning combos. The least a player can lay is 20p and the maximum is £200 per game with a jackpot of 10,000 coins. You can choose a coin size, ranging from 1p to £1.

Bonus Modes

Like any other game played in UK online casinos, this game comes with bonuses.

  • Whenever you get a cluster of symbols, they lead to an avalanche, making the winning symbols to disappear and get replaced by new ones. With this feature, you can make multiple wins from just one spin.
  • The bomb feature destroys 8 symbols randomly giving cash prices while the pizza puts a 3×3 overlaying symbol.
  • With the Emoji Planet’s kiss feature, you get 3 sticky wilds. Every sticky wild has 3 re-spins with the rocket feature adding 10m wilds.
  • The heart feature gives instant cash wins if there are no symbols that can form winning combos.

Final Verdict

Although there are several emoticon themed slots, Emoji Planet has won itself a good position among them. It comes with a modern cluster setup and symbols that set it apart from others. Though it might seem difficult to play at first, it becomes very simple and fun with time. A player can win a maximum of up to 500× their stake on a single spin, making it very desirable. Enjoy the great experience that Emoji Planet offers.