Knowing the RTP of the Most Popular Casino Games is a Crucial Factor When Playing!

The RTP is a crucial factor when playing the most popular casino games but shouldn’t be the only factor to be considered when playing. Players should consider other factors like the reasons why they are playing, the purpose of playing and what they want to achieve which also plays a role in deciding on which games to play.

1. What is Return to Player (RTP)?

The question “What is Return to Player“, is very valid and is an important indicator to every player who wagers money on casino games. Return to Player refers to a theoretical statistical value expressed in % that indicates the monetary value of pay-outs in comparison to the total monetary value wagered over a period of time on a specific casino game. For instance, if the total amount wagered over a period of time is £100 it means that an online slot or casino game with a 98% RTP will pay-out £98. This doesn’t indicate a 98% pay-out with every spin but rather the % of the amount wagered that will be paid out to players over a period of time.

2. How to Calculate RTP

RTP is calculated by measuring the monetary value of the different pay-outs over a period of time in relation to the monetary value of the amounts wagered over the same period on a specific casino game. This amount is then expressed as a % that indicates the theoretical pay-out of the game. To illustrate how to calculate RTP, the following example can be used, if £100 is wagered and the game paid out £98 the RTP will be 98 x100 = 98%, the remaining £2 is the “House Edge” or the amount that the casino will profit over time on the specific game.

3. Why is the RTP calculated and displayed

Software developers and online casinos display the RTP % to assist players when they need to decide which game will provide them theoretically with the best opportunity to make a profit. Over the long run, the casinos also make a profit on machines with a high RTP because they generally have a Low Variance which means more frequent but smaller pay-outs. Variance or volatility is the sum of how likely you are to win and how much those wins are going to be worth in relation to your stakes wagered.

4. The value of knowing the Return to Player

The value of knowing the RTP of a specific game lies therein that players can extend their playing spells when choosing to rather play a casino game with a higher return to player ratio than one with a lower return. This can also be beneficial when fulfilling the wagering requirements of a bonus when you choose to rather play casino games with a higher RTP %. This can, in theory, give you more winning opportunities while completing the wagering requirements

5. Playing slots online

When playing slots online it is important to understand that there is no mechanical process that sets the reels in motion to spin and determine the displayed combinations. The online casinos make use of a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine and calculate the winning combinations of any slots game. The RNG is tested and audited by independent institutions to verify the randomness of the specific slots and games. The different software developers also design their various games to have certain RTP’s and the RNG also test their RTP %. Players playing slots online can, therefore, feel confident that return to player % are not manipulated but rather reflect the RTP as indicated.

6. Slot RTP’s

The calculation of slot RTP refers to the value in % calculated for every different online slot game available at online casinos. This indicates the RTP calculated as explained in the paragraph on How to calculate RTP. The following 5 slots are deemed to have the highest slot RTP:

  • Mega Joker with 99.00% from NetEnt.
  • Cosmic Quest-Mystery Planet with 98.95% from Rival
  • Jackpot 6000 with 98.86 % from NetEnt
  • Chess Mate with 98.76% from MultiSlot
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas with 98.63 from Thunderkick

There are also some other technical factors besides the RTP that must be understood and considered when deciding which casino games to play, this is factors like variance or volatility and the hit frequency or strike rate. The type of game that players prefer also plays a significant role when deciding what value should be attached to the return to player %.